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A couple of weeks ago a group of us went to the French Wine Dinner at Beausoleil. As soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted with a glass of Domaine del Sol (so refreshing after working all day) and hors’ oeuvres, which were, smoked oysters. We proceeded to our seats, which featured the dinner menu and many many wine glasses! The “premier plat” was a grilled seafood sausage with pickled fennel and a buerre blanc. It was amazing! You could clearly see the lobster in the sausage. Normally, I don’t like fennel but pickled it was delicious.  Who doesn’t like anything pickled? The seafood sausage was served with a crisp 2007 Mommessin.

Grilled Seafood Sausage

Unfortunately, the next dish I forgot to photograph. It was so delightful that I became so immersed in it and before I knew it was gone! Chef Nathan served a Lapin Au Vin (rabbit stew) with a house made fettuccine. C’est Marveilleux! Served with a Chateau Artix. I tried to ask for another serving so I could take picture (of course!) but the chef was already on to his next dish. The main entrée was pan roasted lamp chop satin potatoes and rosemary veal reduction served with a smooth Chateau Hoyt Bordeaux. The meat was tender and the potatoes were so rich and creamy. I wanted to lick the plate!

Pan Roasted Lamb Chops

The grand finale was a black cherry and walnut strudel with a white chocolate whipped cream and a vanilla brandy sauce. I don’t know how I managed to eat it all, but I did, including the Clos Sainte Anne Bordeaux I washed it down with. Everything was magnifique. Now, I am not a wine connoisseur, I just enjoy it. But everything at Beausoleil that evening was fabulous. We really enjoyed it and appreciated the fact that the chef came out to talk with us at our table and explain the menu. Can’t wait for the Beer Dinner this October!

Black Cherry and Walnut Strudel