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So my best friend comes in for the weekend (a fellow Yankee) and as usual we eat our way through Sunday. Three meals we shared really stuck out for me. We both love good food and a good time (you can’t really have one without the other, let’s face it). She arrives Friday night and I take her to Beausoleil on Jefferson Highway. I love it there because until now, I had to travel to New Orleans to find contemporary Louisiana cuisine. Plus it has a warm, casual atmosphere that is inviting and enjoyable. She had the scallops on chorizo risotto with chili butter. I had the veal cheek over Louisiana purple rice pilaf with pepper jelly. Both were superb! The seared scallops were not overcooked and my veal cheek was braised to perfection.

Braised Veal Cheek

Seared Sea Scallops

The next morning we headed over to a new favorite of mine, Magpie Café at the Perkins Overpass. I love this delectable little café with their Weck Jars and local products. Every morning is a surprise and particularly on this morning we were pleasantly surprised! Magpie’s was making fresh homemade strawberry-filled pop tarts! They were scrumdidalyumptious (to quote Roald Dahl)! The pastry was melt in your mouth delicious. Warm and buttery on the outside and oozing with strawberry on the inside! They don’t always have them so check them out on Twitter or Facebook before you go (not that they don’t have other tasty treats!).

Pop Tarts

Because we had not stuffed ourselves enough, we proceeded to Zeeland Street Market for lunch (after an estate sale). I had never been before but it came highly recommended from many people. When you walk in, you immediately feel welcomed at this family owned and operated establishment (even when you arrive 20 minutes before closing). We each ordered a sandwich but could have easily shared one. The portions are huge! I had the Belmont Po’boy. It’s a pot roast sandwich with turkey, ham and mozzarella cheese. Of course I had it fully dressed! The sandwich just exuded scrumptiousness. Sadly, I wimped out and couldn’t finish the other half. Next time, I will have to share. Beware they close at 2 p.m. and are only opened for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy!

The Belmont