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If you want to experience a truly elegant and sophisticated restaurant in New Orleans, this is your place. Chef Folse and Tramonto have created a wonderful fusion of modern creole and classical New Orleans fare. The chic and classy ambience was enhanced by the impeccable service. We were pleasantly greeted at the door and escorted to our table with ease. We did call ahead for a reservation and would advise doing so even during the week. We quickly became wide eyed as we glanced over the numerous, enticing menu options. My fiancé loves Bone Marrow so that was an obvious decision for him. I wanted to start with something light so I ordered the baby beet salad. But then our eyes fell on the “Pasta” dishes and thanks to the helpful suggestion of our headwaiter, we were able to order the gnocchi as a half portion, leaving room for more deliciousness!

Clockwise from left: Bone Marrow, Gnocchi, Red velvet Souffle, and Soft Shell Crab

Clockwise from left: Roasted Bone Marrow, Ricotta Gnocchi, Red Velvet Souffle, and Soft Shell Crab

The gelatinous Bone Marrow was brick oven roasted, served with pickled radish and accompanied by delightful crostini. My Roasted Baby Beet salad was served with goat cheese and molasses candied pecans, light and flavorful. Now, the pasta, what an experience! Eating the fluffy sheep ricotta gnocchi was like nibbling tiny, little clouds. The sauce exuded flavors of vanilla and tarragon and made me feel as though I nearly died and went to heaven. It was blissfully accompanied by lobster and lobster roe. Highly recommended!

We ordered Triptych of Quail and Soft Shell Crab entrees. The three quaint little quails were prepared like mini thanksgiving meals. First, the southern fried quail served with mashed potatoes, the second stuffed with boudin and lastly, glazed with absinthe and served with wild rice. For some reason I thought I could eat all of it! Looks can be deceiving! But they were delectable!

Clockwise from top: Quail, Crunch Peanut butter ice cream and Roasted Beet Salad

Clockwise from top: Triptych of Quail, Crunchy Peanut butter ice cream and Roasted Beet Salad

We selected the house made crunchy peanut butter ice cream as dessert and the red velvet soufflé. I love red velvet and I love soufflé, so to combine the two was exquisite, topped off with a creole cream cheese anglaise. It was melt in your mouth delicious.

There are people who expect dignified service wherever they dine, I did not know what to expect at Restaurant R’evolution, having been to many New Orleans restaurants, but this was exceptional. Plan your next special meal at R’evolution you won’t be disappointed.